Chris Rawding

Artist - Illustrator - Dreamer

Chris Rawding is an eminent artist, educator and outdoor enthusiast. He has been a keen artist from his early days living on the South Shore of Massachusetts where he currently resides with his two sons. After attending the Museum School of Fine Arts and receiving his Bachelor's in Commercial Illustration from the Art Institute of Boston, Rawding specializes in digital illustration, caricature design, branding and book illustrations as well as, screen printing and logo design.   

His distinctive comic art style combined with creativity and passion takes subject matter to another level and uses colors that don't exist in the real world, but makes them believable and turns them into edgy, eye-catching designs. As an eclectic visionary his gallery includes; pop culture, steampunk chicks, superheroes and famous phantoms. For over 25 years, Rawding likes to take risks and pushes his concept beyond the ordinary with a knack for modern, bold and organic design. 

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